Come out and show your support for the 11/12 All Star Game!

Dixon v. Davis American, tonight at 7pm at the DLL Fields!

If Dixon wins the game, they move on to sections, if Davis wins, the deciding game will be tomorrow night!

Congratulations to your 2015 DLL All Stars!

9-10 All Star Team
10-11 All Star Team
11-12 All Star Team

Nick Barr

Andrew Arguello

Jacob Alrecht

Braden Baumbach

Justice Benton

Samuel Baldwin

Cooper Dwyer

AJ Castelli

Cody Baumbach

Andrew Fleming

Avery Conrad

Brandon Bei

Brent Green

Luke De Dora

Brett Braun

Jett Harris

Nolan Fish

Chase Del Mugnaio

Dylan Johannessen

Chris Harris

Nathan Fish

Ryan Kemp
Cade Jacobson

Cole Kushan

Jack Kirchhoff
Jacob Kinney

Mateo Martinez

Ryan McGarr-Green
Danny Martinez

A.J. O'Neal

Jaden Mulitsch-Reynolds
Malakai Martinez
William Taylor

Seth Taylor
Dillon Nosrati

Cooper Trujillo

Luis Torres

Jackson Vaughn

Dustin Baumbach Manager
Armando Martinez Manager Dave Kushan
Coach Jimmy Thiessen Coach Dave Jacobson
Coach Adam O'Neal
Coach John Harris Coach Paul De Dora Coach Sergio Martinez

 50/70 All Star Team  Junior All Star Team
 Kameron Baltierrez Charlie Bernhardt 
 Lerone Comier Carter Carnduff 
 Gerardo Delgado Jacob Chappell 
 Daniel Fernandez Nick Fish 
 Jacob Geyer Anthony Galindo 
 Robin Harris Jayden Harris 
 Andrew Schnitzius Tory Lewis 
 Joseph Tichy Jerick Maghoney 
 Liam Tully Luke Mustard 
   Tyler Roupp
Manager Danny Fernandez   
Coach Trevor Schnitzius   Manager Travis Roupp
 Coach Sean Tully  Coach Mat Mustard
                                   Coach Jeff Maghoney

Dixon Little League All-Star Brackets

9-10 All-Stars 
10-11 All-Stars

11-12 All-Stars
50/70 All Stars

Junior All-Stars
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Official Brackets are kept at:

Code of Conduct
Managers, Coaches, Umpires, and Parents are to conduct themselves in a professional and adult manner at all times.  Please keep this in mind when having discussions with players, umpires, other managers, parents, etc. You are a representative of Dixon Little League, please act accordingly.  The use of alcohol or illicit narcotics is strictly prohibited at the Dixon Little League Complex.  Use of alcohol/ illegal drugs or alcohol present on a Manager, Coach, or Umpire’s breath at the playing or practice field is grounds for immediate removal from the league.  The use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on or near the game or practice field.

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Note: Daily field status will be posted by 4pm.   If the weather is "iffy", fields may be left open, and playing decision will be left to the Officer of the Day or umpire at the game.

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